I personally created these and worked really hard on making them, so please don’t rip, steal, or claim them as yours.

It includes the following: 

  • Health/Fitness Goals: List the goals that you want to achieve, write down how you are going to do that, the date that you want to achieve the goals, and whether you achieve that goal or not.
  • Exercise Log: It is a weekly exercise log, check off what type of exercise you did (cardio, strength, etc), the activity you did (running, pilates, insanity, etc), how long you did the workout for, the amount of calories you burned, and for the notes you can write anything that wasn’t asked (for ex. if you ran today, in the note space you can write the distance you ran for, or if you did strength you can write the amounts of reps you did)
  • Food Log: It’s a weekly food log. You write down what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, the amount of calories you ate in total, and the amount of water you drank (the unit can be, mL, ounces, or maybe the amount of water you drank in a glass)
  • Recipes to Try: If you ever wanted to cook/bake/make anything, you can write the name of the recipes (for ex: granola bars, or healthy pasta, etc, etc) the source (where you found it), and check off whether you like the recipe or not.
  • Grocery List: I created my own grocery list and to my surprise a lot of people liked it, so I wanted you to have a list of your own, so when you go grocery shopping you know what to buy :)
  • Meal Planner: (Weekly meal planner) Similar to the Food Log, instead you can use this chart as a way to plan out your meal, so you don’t waste time searching in your refrigerator looking for what to cook for dinner.
  • Body Measurements: (Monthly body measurements) The thing about creating printable that have to do with measuring progress is that some people may do it weekly, other do it monthly. So, I chose monthly because I don’t want you to get stress if you didn’t see any changes within a week. I gave you 6 weeks although there are usually 4-5 weeks in a month, so you may have the row empty. You can measure it with any unit you want (cm or in) Although I should have left some empty boxes for those who want to measure other body parts that I didn’t include, I ran out of space (sorry >.<)
  • Weight Tracker: This is an annual weight tracker which you can use to track your weight throughout the whole year. For the loss/gain you write whether you loss or gain a specific weight (for ex. gain 5 pound, loss 2 pound, etc, etc)

I hope this is helpful :) If there is something that you want me to make or if you have any question you can always leave it in my ask box ^.^